Virtual Hairstyling Salon Software




This page is a quick tour through The Hair Show showing how some of it works. There are several "screen-shot" thumbnails on this page. Click the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image. Obviously because of heavy compression and a smaller image size to improve download times the pictures will not look as good as the real thing. Use your browser's "back" button to return here.


This is the startup menu screen of The Hair Show showing the major operations available. This screen will show the name of your salon.




This is the Style Creation screen where most of the work is done. Here we see the client's face with the hair and background having been removed. From here styles can be added and adjusted to fit the face perfectly.




A style has been added and adjusted to fit. We have decided to change the colour of the hair using the sliders at the right of the picture. Note that the style is still a little rough. This will be handled in the final finishing stage.

The colour has been changed and the picture is now ready for final finishing.


Here the final result is being compared to the original.



Other features not shown here include controls to remove unwanted backgrounds and hair, a thumbnail selection screen, a slideshow screen that runs a slideshow of pictures to advertise the service in the salon, printing options, notes about the client, etc.